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Alex Reichenbach


Hi all! I'm Alex. I'm a returning upper currently living in Chicago. I enjoy all types of making. I've competed in numerous CTFs and have programmed in many languages. I've also built in numerous mediums, including wood, metal, plastic, and basically anything else I can get my hands on. From both of these interests, I conclude that bash and duct tape are creations of heaven.

Miles McCain


I'm Miles, class of '19. I love technology (how specific!) and I guess that makes me a Techmaster. I love CTFs and am obsessed with digital privacy (so I'll keep this brief). My photo has a hidden message in it, can you capture the flag?

Varun Roy

Assistant President

Hello people of the Internet! I'm Varun, a 10th grader at Phillips Academy who is interested in software and hardware. I like to spend my time delving into the depths of Hardware Hacking, Robots, Virtual Reality, and more. I love all puzzles as they are the gateways to more puzzles.

Jeffrey Shen


What's up! I'm Jeffrey, a 10th grader at Phillips Academy who's interested in all things tech. I know a handful of programming languages, and am particularly interested in app development and web design.

Darcy Meyer

Server Administrator

Hey, I’m Darcy, class of ‘18. I am interested in both the software and hardware of technology, along with math, physics, and problem solving in general. I love learning new programming languages, and I’m also a fan of polish notation.


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Some Club Members

  • Jimmy Pham '18
  • Jason Yung '18
  • Oliver Pennington '18
  • Nick Jasaitis '19
  • Katherine Payne '19
  • Eric Osband '19
  • Varun Roy '19
  • William Leggat '20
  • James Collett '20
  • Jamie Justicz '20
  • Harry Shin '20

Help Desk Staff

  • Lior Hirschfield '17
  • Jason Yung '18
  • Oliver Pennigton '18
  • Kevin Sun '18
  • Rawit Assamongkol '18
  • Ryan Owyang '19

Past Techmasters Board Members


President: Yatharth Agarwal ‘17, Tony Zhaocheng Tan ‘17
Assistant President: Philip Lamkin ‘17
Server Administrator: Alex Reichenbach ‘18
Webmaster: Jeffrey Shen ‘19
CTF Master: Miles McCain ‘19 (appointed)


President: Cameron Wong ‘16, Karen Xia ‘16
Assistant President: Philip Lamkin ‘17
Server Administrator: Yatharth Agarwal ‘17
Webmaster: Eric Lee ‘16
Administrative Assistant: Tony Zhaocheng Tan ‘17 (appointed)


President: Clifford Ressel ‘15, Jake Herman ‘15
Assistant President: Ravn Jenkins ‘15
Server Administrator: Thayer Anderson ‘15
Webmaster: Claire Wolford ‘15


President: Tadaes Nemec ‘14
Assistant President: Cliff Ressel ‘15
Server Administrator: Thayer Anderson ‘15 and Jake Herman ‘15
Webmaster: Claire Wolford ‘15


President: Patrick Niedzielski ‘13
Assistant President: Tadaes Nemec ‘14
Server Administrator: Aidan Beckley ‘13
Webmaster: Claire Wolford ‘15


President: Patrick Niedzielski ‘13
Assistant President: Christoph von Braun ‘12
Server Administrator: Bernhard Fasenfest ‘12
Webmaster: Aidan Beckley ‘13 and Paul Johnson


President: Kevin Song ‘11
Assistant President: Amanda Wang ‘11
Server Administrator: Patrick Niedzielski ‘13
Webmaster: Bernhard Fasenfest ‘12


President: Henry Morgan ‘10
Assistant President: Elizabeth Chen ‘10
Server Administrator: Kevin Song ‘11
Webmaster: Katherine Rivera ‘11


President: Christian Anderson ‘09
Assistant President: Gloria Odusote
Server Administrator: Henry Morgan ‘10
Webmaster: Carl F. Jackson ‘09


President: William Koven
Assistant President: Frank Pinto
Server Administrator: Nicholas Gordon
Assistant Server Administrator: Luinis Tejada
Webmaster: Alex Dehnert